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Tilghman’s Cats – Winston and Ponce

Hi everyone! Today I have a pic of my friend and regular contributor to Stuffed Animal Love,ย Tilghman‘s cats! (L-R) Winston, Ponce, and both kitties.

collage of tabby cats

Hi again,everyone! I hope are having a wonderful spring so far! I also hope that you liked my post about Snowy the Poodle! But today,I am going to tell you about my two tabby pet ย kittens,Winston and Ponce! They are brothers, both 2 years old. First, I’ll tell you about Winston. Winston,is a gray tabby, the same as his brother, and is very, very, very active! He absolutely LOVES it when I play feather toy with him! I even trained him to do backflips and to fetch! My mom says that I am his favorite human! Now THIS is funny: When I leave the house or go somewhere, he literally ย sulks until I get home!! Now I will tell you about Ponce! Ponce is the complete opposite of Winston. Ponce’s least favorite thing to do is to exercise. He likes to cuddle, sleep, eat, and sleep some more! His favorites are my mom and my oldest sister, Grey! Bye for now!