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A New Stuffie: Velvet!

Beanie Boo Elephant

Hi guys! I got another new stuffie on Tuesday (2/9/2016) and isn’t she so cute?! Velvet came with the name Whopper. That name does NOT suit her at all! I renamed her Velvet because she is SO soft! It says ‘VelvetTy’ on her tag above her name- maybe that’s the material she’s made of? Velvet will probably be Stuffed Animal of the Week next week. 🙂


I was taking Velvet’s picture and Sir Walter came over and tried to take away Velvet in his mouth! #sirwalterphotobomb LOL!

How to Make a Stuffie Sized Beanbag Chair

Hi everyone! This is Clover, and today I’m going to show you all how to make a stuffie-sized beanbag chair.


  • Paper
  • A square of cloth
  • Tape
  • A stuffed animal to use the chair!


First you will need to make a ball of paper and tape it shut.


Now place the paper at the top middle of your cloth.


Next fold the sides of the cloth over your ball of paper.


Bring up the rest of the cloth and hold in the middle.


Now you will need to tape it shut where you were holding it.


Now you have a super-cute bean-bag chair for your stuffies!