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Muffin the Dog

HAPPY VALENTINES DAY EVERYONE! Is everyone having a good day so far? I am! Today I’m going to tell you a little bit about Muffin the Dog.

Cute stuffed dog sitting on heart blanket

Muffin is an adorable and sweet stuffed dog. His BFFs are Max the Pillow Pet Dog and Velvet the Beanie Boo Elephant. Muffin’s favorite foods are muffins (of course) and pancakes. Muffin would love to be your friend if you ask him in the comments! I found Muffin at Kroger and his brand is Holiday Homes. I love him! 🙂


A New Foster Dog!


Introducing our new foster dog, Sir Walter! He is a fluffy, loyal, trusting, little guy who weighs around 17 pounds. Sir Walter is great with children and other dogs, and he is already neutered and housetrained. He is approximately 10-12 years old and blind in his right eye, but he doesn’t let that stop him! Sir Walter has had most of his teeth pulled and cannot eat dry dog food or bones but canned food and soft treats are great for him. He has only had 1 or 2 accidents in the house – he didn’t even try to mark the first time he came over! I think that Sir Walter is probably a mix of West Highland Terrier (Westie), maybe poodle, and some other kind of terrier. This gentleman was named after Sir Walter Raleigh and he loves to chase toys. As hard as she tries, Stringbean cannot get Sir Walter to play with her, though.  We are fostering him through Hope Animal Rescue. Sir Walter is looking for a fur-ever home!


Here is Sir Walter playing in the snow with Stringbean in the background.


Stuffies for Christmas!

Hi! Did everyone have a good Christmas! I did! Today I thought I’d show you the stuffed animals I got for Christmas.


Here they are! (L-R) Cupcake the Pug, Jane the Dalmation, Emerald the Beanie Boo Penguin, Luna the Owl, Lady the F.A.O. Schwartz German Shepherd,  Ginger the Mixed-Breed, Max the German Shepherd Puppy, Lavender the Glow Pets Seal, and Buster Brown the Amazimals Saint Bernard mix. My friend made Cupcake for me. My mom made Emerald into a Scentsy Buddy by cutting a hole in her, putting in a homemade scent pack, and sealing it with Velcro. So neat! I named Luna after Luna Lovegood in Harry Potter and she is from Justice. Ginger is from Sophia’s and Max is from Toys “R” Us. <3


These are the stuffed animals that my brother got for Christmas. The one on the far left is also a homemade Scentsy Buddy made from a TY Beanie Ballz. I don’t know his name or the name of the adorable yeti on the far right. The dinosaur is gigantic and is named Trek. The owl goes with Luna and is named Jack. 🙂


Baking Christmas Cookies with Robin & Cookie

Hi everyone! Happy Christmas Eve Eve LOL! Today is cookie-making day here! Yummy AND fun 🙂


Cookie (Bulid-a-Bear) and Robin (Our Generation doll) are baking cookies too! The kitchen is a Journey Girls 18″ doll one and the mixer, sifter, flour, and wooden spoon are from American Girl’s ‘Grace’s Baking Set’. Cookie’s outfit and Robin’s sweater are from Buid-a-Bear. Robin’s apron and leggings are from Our Generation. The girls are really having fun baking cookies together! Cookie likes sugar cookies with sprinkles and Robin likes chocolate chip ones. There are some of Robin’s favorite’s in the oven. What are your favorite cookies?

Bubbles the Bear


Bubbles is a FurReal Friends bear cub. If you pet his belly, he’ll wake up and make noise! This cutie  joined the family in 2012. He’s really, really sweet, and he lives for attention, love, and FOOD!:P Bubbles’ favorite food is blackberry pie with vanilla bean ice cream. His hobbies are sleeping, sleeping, sleeping, eating, sleeping, loving, and sleeping. BUBBLES FOREVER!