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Snowy the Poodle

Hi! Today’s Stuffed Animal of the Week is by my friend Tilghman! Here it is:

stuffed poodle in flower bush

Hello everyone!My name is Tilghman, and today Clover is letting me do a stuffed animal of the week! And today I’m here to tell you about Snowy! Snowy is a White Poodle,and she is named after Snowy the dog in my favorite movie, The Adventures Of Tin-Tin and cartoon series. (You should watch it!) Snowy is very adventurous,always the one who, at the amusement park, wants to go on the highest,craziest rides!Snowy’s favorite food is hamburgers!She loves them! Her best friends are Lollipop the Pink Cat and Strawberry the (PINK!!!) Poodle! Snowy’s favorite thing to do is to curl up with me with her two besties and watch the Adventures Of Tin-Tin!(Like I said,it is SO good!) She especially loves the action! Of course,she is adventurous!  Snowy just turned 2 two days ago!Her favorite colors are pink,white,and black!Her collar is too! Snowy is very grateful for all of you! Snowy says “Bye, everyone!”



Bubblegum the Piglet

Hi everyone! This is Clover here at Stuffed Animal Love, and today I am going to tell you about my friend Eliza’s stuffed pig, Bubblegum!

stuffed pig

Bubblegum the piglet is a pink, plush, and cuddly  Douglas animal. Her favorite foods are chicken nuggets and ice cream. She loves creamy, candy scented bubble baths and fun outdoor adventures. Her birthday is December 25th, 2015 and her favorite color is pink. Bubblegum is one sweet piggy!