How to Make “Ice Cream” for Stuffies!

Hi guys! Today I am going to show you how to make ice cream for stuffies! It is super-duper simple!


All you will need is:

  • Air-Dry Clay
  • A brown Sharpie marker (optional)
  • An empty, clean, and dry fruit or yogurt cup


Put clay in to your cup, rounding it at the top, and use the Sharpie marker to make chocolate chips. Let it dry. The carton says that drying takes 3-4 days, but I think it could dry in 1-2. If you want a different “flavor” ice cream, skip the chocolate chips and paint it after it is dry.



Emmy Rose loves her ice cream!!!


5 New Stuffies!!!

Hi guys! Happy Saturday! My brother’s b-day was recently, and he got a couple stuffies that I wanted to show you. I also got one of my own!

Chewbacca Collage for SAL

I think Chewbacca is TOTES ADORBS!!!! Especially the Tsum Tsum my brother got of him! Do y’all have any Tsum Tsums? I have Ariel and one of the mice from Cinderella!

Lion Guard Collage for SAL

My brother and I really like the show Lion Guard. The main characters are Simba and Nala’s son, Kion, and his friends. For his b-day, my brother got Kion, Nala, and Simba stuffies. My fave out of these is Nala, but in the show I like Kion and Besthe too.

Aslan for SAL  #2

Last but not least, the stuffie that I got! He is a “Winkeez” lion. The name he came with was Landon, but I renamed him Aslan after the lion in Narnia. I love Narnia don’t you?

Maddie the Beanie Boo Labradoodle

Sorry that I haven’t posted in a while everyone! I have been very, very busy with moving. The stuffies, pets, and I all love our new house! But the busyness has died down enough for me to post a stuffie of the week: Maddie!

Maddie the Beanie Boo Poodle

Maddie is a very sweet and girly Beanie Boo labradoodle that my awesome friend Claudia gave to me for my birthday! Her BFFs are Petunia and BonBon. Her favorite color is pink and her favorite food is strawberries. She loves at-home spa days and makeovers. She also really likes making and wearing jewelry and playing dress up.